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It is an essay, not a test. Well an essay is a sort of test, but not one that you have to do in class. Get to it, but do not rush your work. Most mistakes are made when you rush. If you delay to long, you will be rushing to get the work done, and you will have many times the chance for errors. Do not put it off, relax and take your time with it. Do it right.

Style mistakes

Keep a copy of a style guide at hand. Different classes, and at different stages of your education, you will have to do various writing styles. Each type of writing style is for different types of writing. If you are in a Journalism class, you will likely have to use the AP style. If you are studying a social science, or Psychology, or related field you will most likely have to use an APA style. Your style guides will cover the specific style they are written for.

Learn what is at hand

Learn what resources are available at your school. Often the Student Services will have programs and services to help you. One of the most important they have, is many offer an editing service. They might offer other services as well. Find out and use them to help eliminate your mistakes before they reach your instructor.


With certain exceptions, nothing besides common words should be used. There are times when specific words; jargon, technical slang, or scientific names will need to be used. Outside those times, do not use them. Keep it simple and easy to read, as much as possible. Anything that will make the reading of the essay harder should not be used unless it is necessary. Keep your vocabulary simple and where it is easy to understand.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

One of the best way to keep your continent even, is organization. After everything is ready to start writing, correlate your notes into an order so you will know where each one goes. By doing this, it relieves the worry of fitting them in, and you can construct around them much more easier. It is a common issue for beginning essay writers to lose their train of thought. When you correlate, set each reference under a heading; Thesis, P-1, P-2, Conclusion. Then number them as you plan to use each reference, and you will find it so much easier.

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