Labor Management Relations

Labor relations appear between workers of a specific company or workers in general and their management. They include all the communication and cooperation that take place inside the everyday work process. Moreover, it can embrace the trade relations (the second name for labor relations) between workers and managers on all other levels -  national and even international. Work progress changes constantly - new technologies and professions get introduced to the labor market and at the same time some professions step away. Companies adapt new policies and expect their workers to act accordingly, workers have new demands and want their management to take necessary actions.

The communication between the two parties in these relationship does not always takes place face-to-face. Workers have organizations, who can represent their rights and defend them in front of the employees. These organizations are called trade unions or labor unions. They can influence the amount of minimum wage for a specific companies (local trade unions) or for the whole branche, demand better working hours and working conditions, hygiene at workplace etc. This way each worker does not have to speak for himself or riot in a group of supporters - they have a legal organization, who speaks for them.

Working relations are usually connected with a lot of tensions and conflicts, since the two parties have absolutely different interests - workers want to be paid more and owners don’t want to spend too much money on salaries. However, most of the employers often pursue the same goal - do what’s the best for the company and at this stake compromises can be made. They often need full cooperation of both parties, and if workers value their job and employer treats their workers well, all problems are quickly solved. What can workers do, if the owner does not want to make concessions?

Union labors as official and full-right representatives of employees often have significant economical and political power over the owner of the company. If they are absolutely sure they are right in this particular situation and the rights of their workers are being abused, they can try to make the situation public and search support from the nationwide union labor. If the company is well-known, it most likely won’t prefer to have negative publicity and will start the dialog. The last resort will be leading the workers to a strike - if the owner does not want to solve the problem peacefully, there can always be another way.

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