The Obamacare is the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, which is a universal healthcare program established by President Barrack Obama. This paper is aimed at discussing the programs methodology, and then its pros and cons.

Obamacare does three major things for those that are uninsured, and this is chiefly because it is not gotten from the employer. It changes the type of health insurance that can be purchased, it changes how those health insurance products are purchased, and it changes when the products can be purchased. Obamacare care changes the type of health insurance that can be bought because one can only buy plans that meets government standard, if it does not meet up with the standards tax penalties will be incurred. With Obamacare any plans bought would cover some minimum number of health benefits which includes maternity care, preventative and wellness services, laboratory services, and standard pediatric services. Also, every plan comes with a minimum benefit level which has been categorized into four, namely; the bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. All metallic plans must cover at least 60% (the bronze level), however aged people may fall below the bronze level and this is referred to as the catastrophic level.

The Obamacare changes how health insurance products are bought by ensuring that medical histories are not used as a reason to decline one’s application. It can’t also be used as a reason to make one pay more for one’s health insurance. Obamacare disallows the asking of complicated questions about one’s medical history and also cancels long waiting period before applications are approved. With Obamacare, the government’s help can be sought, in the form of premium tax credits and subsidies, for the payment of one’s health insurance. Also, additional places are being opened up to provide more places where people can shop for coverage.

Obamacare changes when products can be bought. Before the establishment of Obamacare, in most states there are usually just one open enrollment period per year and the applicants have little guarantees of getting their applications approved especially if they have not just experience any of the so-called qualifying events. With Obamacare there are more than one open enrollment periods in a year and also there is the future prospect of the state by state and insurer by insurer enrollment opportunities.

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