Animal Dreams Novel

In the history of modern day American fictional novels, mainly featuring an imaginary world and alternating perspective thoughts the one author who comes in our mind instantly is none other than Barbara Kingsolver. Barbara Kingsolver has established herself as one of the abel, popular and well organized writer of modern day fiction novels who keeps her readers stick to her novels firmly till the end with her gripping writing style. The Lacuna, The poisonwood Bible, The first behavior, and High tide in Tucson, Another American, Homeland and the others are some of the famous and bestselling and award winning novels by Barbara Kingsolver other than the Animal dreams novel. The plot of the animal dreams revolves on the basis of the nomad nature of a Native American girl. The whole story of the animal dreams is based on this basic animal like nomad instinct of the main female protagonist of the novel.

The main character of the novel is a Native American girl named Codi Homer who returns from New York to a fictional town in Arizona named Grace, where she had lived her entire childhood days. She is shown in the novel to primarily return to her hometown in order to take care of her ailing dad, whom she is very much attached both emotionally and mentally and who was suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease. In Grace, Codi took up a job as a teaching assistant in a local school and started staying with her childhood friend in her guest house who is also a senior teacher in the local school. As Codi starts to live in Grace, many secrets regarding her father and her family which were unknown to her started cropping up compelling Codi to face many unwanted , awkward situations and hardships. Her dad who had been a reputed doctor of the town was also revealed to be involved in the past in various secretive scams and misdeeds. Here, another story comes up where Codi had an affair with a local native American Lyod when she was only 15 years old and had miscarried Lyod’s child. Lyod and Codi again rekindled their relationship upon Codi’s return to Grace and he even propose marriage to her. But, Codi politely avoids marriage citing her inability to love and be with one person in her whole life due to her nomadic lifestyle and dreams and quest pf travel and knowledge. The novel ends on a cordial note showing that Lyod and Codi vow to be friends with each other and continues to see each other without any commitment.

Animal dreams went on to win many awards and accolades for its author and proved to be one of the classic, popular and bestselling novels of Barbara Kingsolver.

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