What Makes A Society Deeply Divided?

Division in society can be attributed to many things, only one of them being differences in race. Division can mean many things when talking about human interaction, we can e divided by our gender, economic status, social skills, physical features, preferences, sexual orientation, I could go on forever. What can be said is that despite our various differences, we have some how managed to survive together for centuries maybe because of certain similarities we share, or maybe because of these differences. A deeply divided society, may be a result of all of these factors, or none of them.

Divisions that significantly affects society

One major aspect that can greatly separate a population is wealth, it is quite obvious that the large, well kept, beautifully designed houses don’t share locations with ramshackle ones. These two groups quite often have no idea what life for the other is like and often hold to stereotypes that are completely wrong, but at the same time, possibly necessary for the survival of both. These stereotypes affect each group differently however, and this is where a more harmful, persistent division displays itself.

Who benefits from these separations?

Crime exists in our society, it always has and it quite likely, always will. It exists at all levels, from the homeless person on the street, to members of royalty and government. This aspect of life brings forward a new form of separation, fear and control. Sadly, both of these attribute are usually possessed by one party, while the other only suffers from one of them. Wealthy people are afraid that poor people will commit a crime against them and because of their significant influence in society, laws are often structured to favor them.

The non beneficiaries

Because laws are made by the wealthy, the decision of governments don’t often take into consideration the working class people and those of limited financial means. Every poor person is branded as dishonest or a potential criminal and they are treated that way by the law enforcement officials by default. If you are qualified and apply for a job, you are likely to be dismissed in favor of an individual from a “good home”.

Because of this trend, generation after generation the gap widens, wealth stays within the hands of a few, poverty wages worldwide while a handful of individuals have it all. Power is what makes a society deeply divided, because those who have it, can ensure that they keep it.

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