Catcher In The Rye

The Catcher in the Rye is one of the most controversial novels in academic spheres. It was written by J Salinger and released in 1951. Though fictional, the story is based on some of the author’s experiences. He explains the issues facing many teenagers in school and in the world. Nonetheless, because of the use of vulgar language and a depiction of an immoral society, the novel should be banned in school.

The Plot Summary

The main character, Holden is a student at the Pencey Preparatory. He finds himself in trouble and thus expelled from school. At some point, he gets involved in a fight with one of the womanizers in school. He leaves the school and heads to a hotel and observes a few people he calls perverts. He reflects on his sexuality and concludes that he was not ready to lose his virginity. He later gets a prostitute for the night. However, after realizing that there are age mates, he refuses to sleep with her. She is annoyed and brings in a friend to violently take money from Holden.

After returning home, Holden has the idea of saving children from the troubles of adulthood. He once had the fantasy of catching children who are playing in a rye field. He, therefore, visits one of former English teacher who advises him against the idea. In the course of time, Holden realizes that the teacher may be a homosexual. The story ends when Holden is reflecting on the people who played an important role in his story.

Why the Novel Should Be Banned

Certainly, teenagers in school face some of the issues that the author raises. They may be involved in fights regarding girlfriends and could be punished when they face to perform as it is expected. They are also left to explore the subject of sexuality on their own. Even so, the language used in the novel is vulgar and should not be entertained. These same issues can be highlighted without use of such language. For such a reason, the novel should not be encouraged for literature and related studies in schools.

Previously, the book has been banned in a number of schools in Washington. Actually, it has been the most censored in the past. The controversies surrounding the book have been without a number because of issues such as undermining the family values, promotion of alcoholism , encouraging young people to rebel and lie among other issues. In the light of all these facts and fears, schools should ban the novel Catcher in the Rye.

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