10 Argumentative Analysis Essay Topics For University

An analysis essay topic can be hard to find at time. The subject of your essay is maybe the most important time and many times, even if the rest of your paper is impeccable, you will not take your maximum score if your topic is not an interesting, engaging once. Since in university the topics need to be more serious and catching, we’ve put together a list with some of the best essay subjects.

  1. Women’s rights. This is a very engaging topic and for sure your professors will be interested in your opinion. You can build your essay based on real facts, the laws of your country, and to analyze if and how are they discriminatory for women.
  2. How different types of personality study. Obviously, there is a suitable teaching method for each type of personality and what works great for a child, might not be effective for the other. Discuss each personality feature and how can this be used in class.
  3. Homeschooling is more effective than normal school. Use actual data and information to prove your point; try to find statistics that show what grades students have.
  4. Discrimination towards a certain minority. Use actual facts, like daily examples or things that happened in your city to prove discrimination; share your opinion on how can we avoid it.
  5. How useful homework is? There are many studies that prove that homework is not as effective as some teachers say. Analyze the matter from your own perspective.
  6. The number of students that quit school. In some regions this is a concerning problem. Discuss about the difference between regions and why the percentage of drop-out is higher in certain areas.
  7. The impact of Social media on study. Use statistics to prove how social media influences the grades of the students; you can even make a small research among your colleagues and see what is the connection between the time spend on social media and their grades.
  8. How easy it is for a student to find a job. The job market in many countries is still not ready to offer work for all students. Talk about how this can affect them.
  9. Diets cause weight gain. This is a great topic if you are taking a biology course; prove, with arguments and data, how diets can actually have a negative impact.
  10. Students should make more extra-curricular activities. It is well known that most of students nowadays prefer to hang out instead of making any cultural activity. Analyze how this could decrease their scholar performances.

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