A List Of Interesting Topics For Your Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are one of the most popular assignments in freshmen English. What you do in an argumentative essay is to write about a topic that you either feel strongly about (and one with lots of high quality information that you can use as evidence for your argument).

Argumentative essays samples can be found all over the web but there are certain tricks you can use to find the absolute best samples to use as a guide.

  • Search Google for examples of award winning essays on the same topic you were going to write about.
  • Search Google for award winning argumentative essays to use as a model.
  • Search Google for high quality argumentative essays on the topic you are writing on or in general and use these as a model.
  • Search Google for university writing centers and argumentative essays to receive good lectures on writing argumentative essays and perhaps samples of high quality argumentative essays that have been composed by teachers and scholars of writing.

Interesting Topics for Your Argumentative Essays

  1. Why we should do everything we can to stop global warming now.
  2. Why we should do everything we can to save the polar bears now.
  3. Why we should stop using plastic grocery bags and take our own material ones.
  4. We should do something to legalize medical marijuana everywhere.
  5. Why all drugs should be legalized and taxed.
  6. Is Facebook a wonderful invention or the end of all privacy world wide?
  7. We must do something about texting and driving now.
  8. Why School uniforms are right or wrong for young people today.
  9. War in Iraq—arguments for and against.
  10. Should all alcohol advertisements be banned from television and magazines.
  11. Arguments for alternative medicine versus traditional medicine—pick a side here and argue for or against it and make sure to acknowledge the other side and refute it.
  12. Is it better to be an only child or to have brothers and sisters—argue for or against this.
  13. Is animal testing good and normal or is it a horrific, unnecessary practice that should be banned now?
  14. Long distance relationships-are they good in ways for couples or bad for couples.
  15. Euthanasia—is it a mercy killing or a crime?
  16. Alternative energy sources: Are they useful or not? Should we make use of them now?

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