What Is A Quality Argumentative Essay Example: 6 Things To Remember

An argumentative essay is a paper that you write where you take a stand on a subject and then work to prove it. It is a good idea to get a quality example essay to make sure that you are writing this paper correctly. A sample paper is a great guide because it can show you how to format your paper and how to present your ideas in a logical way.

Here are six things to remember when you are looking for a quality example:

  • Lack of errors
  • If you are looking for a sample and you aren’t sure whether or not you found a good one, you know to keep looking if you can identify any errors. You want to make sure that you have a paper that lacks errors. A quality piece has been edited extensively to ensure that it is free of errors.

  • Controversial idea
  • An argumentative can be on a lot of things but when it is written on a controversial issue, it will usually have more conviction which works great for this type of essay. It also has to be respectful to the opposing view.

  • Transitions
  • Look for transitions from one section to the next. The paper should flow nicely. You should know when you are going from one section to the next.

  • Thesis statement
  • The sample should have a clear thesis statement that lists the reasons as well. You should be able to pick it out. The thesis is usually at the end of the introduction.

  • Topic sentences
  • The topic sentence describes what the sentence will be about. It should be at the beginning of every sentence. It should capture the essence of the paragraph.

  • Convincing
  • The point of any argumentative essay is to convince your audience that your side of the issue is true. If your sample fails to do this, then you don’t have a good sample. It should really get you thinking about the subject and the side that the issue took. You should feel convinced. The best way to ensure that the paper is convincing enough is to choose one that has an opposing view. If you start to waver, it is a good paper.

You should make sure that your paper contains these same characteristics so that your paper is well-written too.

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