Benjamin Spock

Benjamin Spock was a trained paediatrician. Apart from being a doctor as a career, his love for children was imminent. He actually wrote a book called Baby and Child Care. Some people even confused him for a career author. Benjamin lived between the years of 1903 and 1998. Following is a discussion of his career.

Child Care Career

Benjamin published his book on the way to care for children in 1946. His ideas, as expressed in his book, attracted different opinions. Some loved the ideas and followed them religiously whereas others did not appreciate these ideas. This book could be summarised in two main points. According to Benjamin, a parent does not have to have any special skills in order to raise a child. Common sense is sufficient. In terms of discipline, Benjamin argued that the best way to raise a child is by showing him or her love rather than strict discipline. A child will feel loved through simple actions of hugging and being fed when hungry. In addition to these actions of love, Benjamin argued that disciplining a child should happen through talking. Punishment and scolding are not necessary. These teachings were in contrast to the existing teachings of raising a child at the time of writing this book. Today, most parents raise their children according to the ideas raised by Benjamin. These parents might have read this book or otherwise.

Benjamin’s political involvement

Benjamin did not get into politics with an intention of vying for some leadership position. It was out of his passion for children-related work, which means he was in politics as an activist. He advocated for the creation of an environment that is conducive for healthy growth of children. At the time he started being an activist, his worry was the presence of radiation within the atmosphere. Benjamin argued that testing of nuclear weapons contributed to atmospheric radiation and hence wanted such tests to cease. Another area that Benjamin campaigned in was the issue on Medicare. He wanted this program for purposes of having the elderly taken care of by the government. As much as this issue does not deal with children, could be he likened the elderly with children. Benjamin was also very much against the Vietnam War which happened between 1955 and 1975. Even though his protests did not stop the war, his voice was loud and clear to everyone. During the war, he also held many demonstrations in protest to the war.

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