How To Do Free Essay Plagiarism Checks: 5 Helpful Suggestions

Plagiarism is a major problem in academic work, so you need to be clear that you understand what it comprises. The regular definition is “presenting someone else’s words and ideas as your own.” There are severe consequences for improperly using or incorrectly citing another person’s work.

Originality is very important in academia that is why the regulations are strict. With the ubiquity of the internet, someone else’s content can easily slip unnoticed into your paper. If your failure incorrectly assigning the work to the right author is a genuine mistake, then you will be cautioned. Be vigilant. You may not be given another chance.

Worse still are those students who deliberately choose to pass off work or sections of work as their own. This is academic misconduct and can result in your removal from the place of learning.

Tutor and Students have differing reasons for checking

  • Teachers. Yes, you can tell the particular style in which a student usually writes, but sometimes you are just not certain. Letting students know you are using a checker will make them think twice about their work, and also you can check your course content is not plagiarized.
  • Students. Copying someone else’s work is a sign of lazy research. If your intention is building up an academic reputation, then an early accusation of this can cling to your record.

Where to find the best help

  1. Ask other students. Older students may have already found out the best sites for help and might willingly pass on their knowledge if you ask.
  2. Search online. Here be careful in specifying “free” and “academic” or “scholastic”. You cannot be too certain of the validity of programs you find online.
  3. There are websites that review other websites. There are sites that review the checkers so that you can get a comparison of different programs and make your choice from there.
  4. Some of the sites require the setting up of a code by your tutor showing you are a student and so entitled to use the free portion of the program. Make sure your tutor is happy with this before handing over his or her details.
  5. Chat boards. Post a question on a chat board you can be sure someone will have an answer. Be cautious, there are people out there who will post malicious links as answers.

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