7 Steps To Creating A Brilliant Academic Essay

Essay writing is considered one of the most boring tasks among students. It takes time, a lot of thinking and typing to arrive at a well written essay. Academic essays are one of the many kinds that fall under the broad category of essays. if you need to create high quality essays then you need to pay attention

What are academic essays?

Academic essays involve rules, procedures to introduce a fixed method or way of doing certain things. For example

“How to paraphrase an English poem in 7 easy steps”

7 step Guide to academic essay writing

  1. The first step is about choosing the topic for your academic essay. Let’s suppose you’ve been assigned the topic by your teacher already (for your ease let’s assume the topic example mentioned just above)
  2. Now academic essays usually don’t require thesis statement because you don’t claim anything. You just state the proper, fixed and pre-defined procedures of doing something. In this case we’ll be stating the fixed steps to paraphrase a poem.
  3. Your essay should always start with a nice and interactive sentence like “if you’re unaware of paraphrasing, this article will be your life savior”. You have to assume that the person reading your essay is clueless about paraphrasing and his entire life depends on this essay because you’ll be teaching him how to paraphrase.
  4. After the nice and encouraging introduction, you have to define the literary item in your topic. In our case it’s paraphrasing so you have to define it in a common man’s language.
  5. Now that you’ve introduced the topic and defined your subject you have to prepare a manual/guide for the reader. For this you have to make a logical mental sequence in your mind so that you can translate that onto the paper for the reader.
  6. You can use bullets, subheadings, roman numerals and other conventions to make it as elaborate as you want to.
  7. Once you’ve done that, also mention some common mistakes made by the people when they try to paraphrase the poems this will help your reader avoid such mistakes.

Academic essays are the easiest to write because of the little research requirements and the omission of literature reviews, thesis statements and other formal elements of other essay types. All you need is a good definition and extremely useful tips and procedures that any common man can follow.

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