Writing An Impressive Narrative Essay On Zombies

As far as an essay goes, there are certain characteristics that make each academic paper unique and interesting. Narrative essays are not excluded and when properly written, can be very engaging and informative. You have been asked by your tutor to write a narrative academic paper on zombies and you are not sure of how to start. In writing this type of academic paper, you should understand certain basics that make composition of such paper more fun-filled than stressful. It even becomes easier if you know more about zombies or interested in researching and finding out as much as possible about them.

In composing a narrative essay on zombies, you should see it like you are telling a story. The only difference is that how engaging your story is would go a long way to determine your scores. This said, it is not necessary that your narrative paper about zombies must be completely accurate as long as the paper is engaging. Chances are that you have watched a few movies based on zombies and you can tell a very good story about them. In order to make the most of writing your paper, the following characteristics should be put into consideration. They are:

  • Tell It From A Personal Perspective: Yes, in writing a narrative essay on zombies, it is important that you tell the story from your own perspective. It should be a sort of sharing your own side of a story but in an engaging manner. Tell a valuable story that can be appreciated.

  • Build A Plot: Some uncles sit and tell the little ones in the family made-up stories but because the stories are built round a plot, the little ones don’t mind sitting down for hours to hear how the story ends. Your narrative essay on zombies should be based on an interesting plot.

  • Maintain Proper Pacing: This is a very important aspect of writing your narrative academic paper. Make sure you don’t rush through things or leave out details. As the story starts getting eventful, you slow things down a bit. For example, if you are talking about the death of a zombie, you can describe how it all happened and all the struggles involved.

Apart from these tips that would help you write your essay on zombies, you should also maintain proper structure and format for your paper. When you are done with the writing, devote time to reading through the work in order to correct any over-looked errors.

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