Basic Tutorial For Creating Strong Grade 9 Expository Essays

An expository essay is the most common writing category you will encounter in your schooling life. It is easy and accommodates a myriad of topics. It is therefore important that you learn how to write the best expository paper for grade 9. Here are easy tricks to follow.

  • Choose A Good Topic
  • The topic you choose for your paper determines how easy or challenging the writing process will be. Ensure that you select a topic that is easier to handle yet unique enough to make your work stand out. It should be interesting to read and also give fresh insight into the issue you are handling.

  • Understand The Instructions
  • Each teacher will give unique instructions that determine the format and type of essay to be written. The instructions are issued regarding the formatting style, the length of your paper, reference materials, topic, etc. These instructions must be followed to the letter. Failure to follow the instructions comes with penalties and compromises on the quality of your work.

  • Brainstorm
  • Allow you mind to freely think about the topic at hand. This will generate ideas that will be used to support your claim. Do not worry about the order of your points. These points will be organized later. Write the points down as they emerge and later organize them.

  • Know The Structure
  • Each type of paper has a unique structure. By consulting your teacher, checking in the library, reading your books, checking online or using a sample, you will know the right structure. The correct format ensures that the content that should appear at the introduction is placed there. It will help you avoid haphazard organization of ideas which makes your work incoherent.

  • Begin To Write
  • The best preparation steps will not deliver any good results until you commence the writing process. Begin compiling your work as early as possible. Use the correct vocabulary based on the subject you will be dealing with. Ensure that you include facts that can support your arguments. Organize your ideas in a logical manner to make your work interesting to read.

  • Edit and Proofread
  • Typographical and grammatical mistakes will lower the quality of your expository essay. Go through the draft several times before producing the final one. Ensure there is coherence and that proper language is used. You may request a classmate or friend to read it one more time. An independent eye will spot mistakes that you as the writer might bypass.

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