What Is An Expository Essay: Writing Tips And Tricks

Usually expository essays are given as assignment at university or faculty. The main points for an expository essay is thinking of an idea, investigating the idea, explaining that idea and making an argument. Important here is to use factual data about this writing.

Considering the data the author should develop an argument by the end by recalling the facts he provided. It might sound demanding, but it is easy if you do it step by step. Another important thing for this type of writing is that you should not use the first person singular pronoun, instead, use second person pronouns.


Think of a topic that you are interested in and at the same time challenging. You have to do a research about it, so bear in mind that it has to be interesting to you. Students usually choose broad topic and get stuck in the middle afterwards. Make sure that the topic is narrow, so that you can study it thoroughly.


Prior writing anything, you have to research the topic well in order to have clear idea what to write. Use every possible source to make your paper properly developed. You can use, books, newspapers, magazines, peer reviewed papers of other students, statistical data, findings of research, events, historical facts, etc. Anything you can think would help you in writing the essay.

Thesis statement

You have to express the idea of the topic in one sentence and have an argument that you would later defend it with facts. You should broad this idea later in the writing.

Method of development

There are several most commonly used methods:

  • Definition and example

  • Cause and effect

  • Compare and contrast

  • Classification

  • Analysis of the process

Choose the one that you think is the most suitable for better development of the idea in the thesis statement.


Develop the idea of how your essay would look like. Write a rough outline where you want to put particular data, how many body paragraphs you would write, etc. You should give a supporting evidence of your ideas that would follow the first statement in every paragraph.

Writing the essay

After you made an outline of the whole essay, you should develop the first draft. Write sentences supported by facts in every paragraph. This type of essay requires facts, so do not forget including facts by your ideas. Be careful with combining facts appropriately and do not repeat same facts several times. Make the paragraphs flow smooth one into another by adding additional transitive sentences. At the end, finish it with a summary and rephrase of the thesis statement.

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