Simple Techniques To Help You Complete Your Argumentative Essay Assignment

Writing an argumentative essay assignment is a challenging task as it requires lots of brain storming sessions. The job is time consuming and exhaustive. However, if you have a fair idea regarding its planning and organization, you have won half of the battle.

Following are some of the simple techniques that can help you write a flawless assignment-

Introduction: It makes instant impression on the reader. The introduction has to be positive. If you want to catch a big fish for your readers, create a strong hook. Make their reading session interesting and grab their interest in the best possible way.

Following are some of the most interesting writing hooks that the writers can use. These are writing in:

  • Question format

  • Startling or philosophical statement

  • Quotation

  • Story of the first person

  • Anecdote

  • Analogy

  • Anecdotes

Pick the most appropriate one and provide the background information for it. This is the place where you will use the key terms and definition. Specify the issue you are going to discuss. Neither carry any vague discussion nor provide any detailed data as you need to come directly to the point.

Build arguments:

Ensure that you use at least 3 arguments to support your points. Focus on the arguments that you think is the right one. Always use easy and effective approaches of pros and cons. When you write this, introduce an opposing view refuting the statement. The most significant aspect of the body part is offering credible and rock solid evidence in support. Relevant and informative evidences will only help writing this part of the essay.

However, you should avoid two things-

  • First is making up evidence and

  • Second thing is using too much of emotional drama. It’s because, your writing is checked by your instructor and your instructor relies more on facts and not on emotions. Use proper and smooth transitions while changing the sequence of the paragraphs.

Conclusion: This is the time and place to show your last serving as it reveals the final impression of your writing. This can be done in 3 easy steps-

  • Restate your composition and highlight the significance of your paper topic at this phase.

  • Write the summary of the arguments. Provide strong analytical evidence convincing the reader.

  • This is the place where you can state why you have not supported the counter argument and tell its impact.

This is it. If you follow the above mentioned points religiously, your essay will be a commendable one.

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