Kelley Brewing

Kelley Brothers Brewing was a cozy restaurant and bar located in Manteca, California. For thirteen years it was a fixture in the downtown community that offered a cozy atmosphere, great beer and good food, true to the city's Spanish roots. It was a perfect fit in the city's assortment of upscale restaurants and family-run bakeries and general stores. It fit right in with everything else as if it belonged there.

Manteca is a small city in northern California housed right between Stockton and Modesto, two larger cities. It is a city historically known for its railroads, other breweries, wildlife parks and favorable weather. Located in San Joaquin County, Manteca has a pleasantly warm Mediterranean climate and is the perfect place to raise a family because of its small schools and close knit community just about as perfect as any town can get. It is home to the famous Fossil Fuels Brewing Company, which uses twenty five to forty five million year old yeast derived from amber to make its beers. The process is much like that is shown to be used on the famous movie Jurassic Park.

Kelley Brothers Brewing was founded in the year 1999 by a man named Joe Kelley and Mark Abrams. They found a location downtown in Manteca's abandoned El Ray theater,which stood empty for two decades prior to their purchase, ideal because of its centrality to other businesses and tourists' traffic. The goal of the Kelley brothers was to create a modern but homey atmosphere conducive to relaxing and enjoying good beer.

Housed in a historic brick building with spacious seating, a balcony and an open kitchen and grill, Kelley Brothers Brewing provided an easy going environment. The brewery itself could be seen behind a glass wall located behind the bar. For thirteen years, it's employees served native families and tourists with daily specials (Tuesdays were taco night), wide assortment of beers, Spanish influenced food and live music. Joe Kelley's most notable brew was his Belgian- like mix featuring cloves and a smooth taste. It was a crowd favorite. Though Kelley Brothers Brewing closed its doors in January of 2014 due to financial hardships and the economy, it remains a fond memory in the minds and hearts of those who frequently visited. Even the surrounding businesses, a steak house, a general store and a bakery feel the absence of the once thriving restaurant and brewery.

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