Ethics Of Human Cloning

Ethical issues are present regarding human cloning. Also, in the societies, different individuals hold different perspectives for the practice. Religious groups also have their say and opinion on the issue. Whereas the practice may have several advantages, controversy is still present on the practice, its essence and implications in the world and societies we live in. Advocates supporting the practice make the argument that the current innovations and high technology are capable of supporting the process. They take the practice a being a savior to the world as it would avoid the use of the immunosuppressive drugs. In addition, the process is vital to enhancing lives as well as preventing the ageing process in humans. They advocate for the use of the technological advancements assisting those parents who for a reason cannot procreate. However, opponents, on the other hand, continue to argue and claim that the available and present technology is incapable of human cloning. Also, they insist on the unsafety of these technologies as well as being prone to abuse by the users. They also think that the implications of the act are against religious beliefs and could be harmful to humans and the society.

Is the practice of Human Cloning Moral?

To the question, some people who are supporters of the practice say yes. They claim that some traits in individuals as well as characteristics are passed on to siblings genetically. They include musical and dialogue abilities. Using the practice of human cloning can help in the continuation of desirable traits when they are passed to infants. Besides, it is possible for individuals to have babies with the method. Apparently, for various reasons, it is possible not to give rise to young ones. One can thus use human cloning to parent babies. Supporters of the practice also say it is essential as it aids in avoiding the use of immunosuppressive drugs. Apart from these, the practice is in the support of reducing and preventing the aging process.

Some think it is Immoral

Some individuals totally disagree with the practice. They claim the absence of a guarantee that the fist cloned humans will be normal, and will act as the same as the normal humans. They are afraid that the practice could be harmful to the current existing generation of people as well as the future. There is also a possibility that the cloned humans will have a lower life expectancy rate. They also argue that the technology available may be insufficient, unsafe as well as abuse-prone.

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