Female Reproduction

Understanding the female reproductive system is important. It enables women to take care of their health and thus avoid some diseases such as cervix cancer. It also helps young girls to avoid early pregnancies and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. They also have a chance to prepare during their menses. Men can also find the information vital because they may need to take care of their wives, daughters and mothers at some point in life. Indeed, everyone should have an understanding about the female reproductive system.

Internal Reproductive System

The female reproductive system is made of internal and external organs. All the organs have specific functions. As a girl matures, the organs also mature to the end that she can become reproductive. The first internal organ is the womb. Its essence is housing fetus. At the lower part of the uterus, there is an organ, the cervix which opens to the birth canal. This opening enables the sperm to pass to the uterus and at the same time exit the blood during the menstrual period.

Ovaries are located at the either side of the uterus and they are responsible for the production of eggs and hormones. The fallopian tubes are attached to the upper part of the uterus and function as the path for eggs to travel to the uterus. Once the sperm travels through the cervix, it will travel to the fallopian tube where it is fertilized. The fertilized egg then travels to the uterus and is finally implanted to its walls.

The External Reproductive System

The external part of the female reproductive system is made of four parts. The first one is known as the labia majora, which can be described as ‘large lips’. They protect other external organs in the system. The second part is known as labia manora which protect the vagina and the urethra. Bartholin’c glands are located near the vaginal opening and are responsible for production of mucus. Lastly, the clitoris is located at the end of labia manora. It is sensitive and can be stimulated easily during sexual intercourse.

Evidently, all the parts of the female reproductive system have different but related functions. Infection in any one part can affect the whole system. Ensuring that one takes good care of the system will help avoid some of the reproductive issues many women go through. In the end, by understanding how each part functions, women have a chance of enjoying perfect reproductive health.

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