History of the Super Bowl

According to The History of the Super Bowl, American Football League’s (AFL) merge with the National Football League (NFL) with a bouncy rubber ball was the mother to Super Bowl. In 1966, the NFL and AFL made a merging agreement that led to the creation of the NFL – AFL world championship games. It was during the negotiations between the teams that Lamar Hunt came up with the name Super bowl that he thought would only serve as a stop-gap until he could think of something better. However, the name only became official in the year 1969 after the media and the fans took to it rather than the long one that had been proposed to be the official name previously.

On the account of McGinn, the first team to win the Super bowl was the Green Bay packers, which they did two consecutive times. The team was headed by Vince Lombardi.His two consecutive victories led to the naming of the Super Bowl trophy after him soon after he had passed on; that was before Super Bowl V. They were from the NFL that made the teams from the AFL improve on their game. It was on the third Super Bowl games that the AFL’s team the New York Jets worn their first game after beating Baltimore Colts. This was a clear indication that the AFL teams were in a position to compete with the NFL teams.

The NFL and AFL later merged to form one combined league in the year 1970 which was a formation of two conferences. The first conference constituted a combination of 10 AFL teams who were joined by three NFL teams to form American Football Conference (AFC). The 13 teams that had remained in the previous NFL camp formed the National Football Conference (NFC).

Since the first invention of the Super Bowl, the championship had always been played annually in the month of January. However, after the 9/11 attacks most of the games have since been organized in the month of February. Super Bowl XLVII has since been considered the longest, the game being between Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers and it took 4hours 14minutes. Baltimore Ravens won the game. Super Bowl can however, not go without the mention of Super Bowl Shuffle the famous rap song.

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