Hollywood Is Obsessed With Apocalypse

The term apocalypse has gained great popularity in the present days. Having its roots in the Bible, the word is used to refer to the end of the world. Today the word has however been adapted and used to mean the end of any scenarios not only the end of the world. Hollywood films have retained the original meaning of the word in their plays. They seem pretty obsessed with this whole scary issue of the end of times. Most Hollywood cinemas are focusing on the end of the world theme and the drama that will come with it. No wonder the latest apocalyptic film is called ‘This is the end’. What is worrying but also very appealing is the fact that most of these films feature the end times as doom days.

Reasons why Hollywood is obsessed with Apocalypse

For a long time, the news about the end of the times has reached our ears. Even the exact dates for the apocalypse have been predicted. People have waited for such days with worries, but surprisingly a new day comes frequently. Hollywood has adapted the apocalypse storyline as the basis for their films. This storyline seems very appealing to people and so to them this is a lucrative theme. It is ironical how these films are scary but still people are interested in watching them. There is a lot of curiosity in people about what will happen during that day. The films have tried to show an idea of how it will be during that day. This has greatly fed the curiosity of people and probably the reason why this storyline is selling. There has also been a promise of justice to the afflicted on that day and punishment for the afflicters. This could have added to the anxiety revolving around the mention of the apocalypse. Hollywood has also fantasised about what will happen after that day and how the world after would be like. It’s obvious that viewers would be interested in such films and this more business for Hollywood every day.

Effects of this obsession to Hollywood films

The much focus on the apocalypse theme in making the film has seen other important themes being abandoned. We cannot underrate the importance the other themes considering that not everyone believes in the apocalypse, and this means there are people who are not interested in such films. As much as it is a lucrative story line, Hollywood should be careful not to ignore other storylines.

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