How 3D Printing Can Change the World

Introduction and Thesis

Evidently, 3D printing occurs as one of the most pertinent technological innovations that have and continue to elicit an intense debate across various settings all around the globe. Speaking of 3D printing, this connotes to the process of creating physical items from a three-dimensional digital model. In early 1980’s, 3D printing was an unrealistic concept that only existed in the dreams of famous scientists such as Engineer Chuck Hall. However, its evolution into reality has demonstrated that indeed 3D printing is a game-changer. In fact, 3D printing possesses a remarkable capability that could change the world in a number of ways.


Above all, 3D printing can change the world based on the fact that it enhances the creation of complex structures and shapes that were not feasible in the past. Precisely, 3D printing saves time in that its use makes it easy to create and design a given product. This analysis demonstrates that in the near future, the use of 3D printing would make assembly lines and factories obsolete. This is because the use of 3D printing allows designers to transmit product plans directly to the consumer’s printers; hence, making it pointless to have assembly lines and factories.

The manner in which 3D printing can change the world may also be evaluated basing on the influence that it poses on the clothing industry. The clothing industry can utilize 3D scans of consumer’s bodies to produce custom-designed accessories and garments that are a perfect fit to the consumers. Certainly, this will have a colossal influence on various industries that are closely aligned with the clothing industry such as the fashion industry.

On another note, 3D printing has the potential of changing the world in that it offers a comprehensive platform that enhances the quality of life of humans. 3D printing has proven to be potentially beneficial in the healthcare contexts whereby it has been utilized to produce replicas of human body organs. 3D printing has been utilized to print kidneys, skin, and the human heart, which can be useful for persons whose organs have failed. For this reason, 3D printing can be essential in improving the quality of life of individuals whose organs have failed. In addition, application of 3D printing in the context of health has the potential of increasing the life expectancy of humans in that it saves countless lives that are on the verge of death.

Conclusion In conclusion, it is evident that 3D printing is indeed a game-changer in that its use possesses an immense potential of enhancing a wider array of life concerns. Nonetheless, there is a need to comprehend with the ethical ramifications resulting from intense use of 3D printing technology. As an example, 3D printed guns are not something desirable in that it may promote crime. Despite this, enacting laws governing the use of 3D printing would limit its misuse; hence, enhancing its benefits.

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