Guidelines For Creating An Outstanding Analytical Essay

This article will provide some useful guidelines for those who have never written analytical essays before.

What is an analytical essay?

An analytical essay usually requires you to evaluate or analyze a prewritten writing or film, idea or an issue and build an argument into an essay.

You need to be thorough in your analysis and refer back to the original content to provide logical and sound evidence against your own critical argument.

How to write an analytical essay

  1. You should pick a catchy topic for your essay. This topic will help you put your ideas and thoughts into a place and offer you a clear direction.
  2. Develop a compelling thesis statement. Your entire essay will now depend on how to formulate your thesis statement. The crux of your argument lies here so you need to be very careful.
  3. Write a brief introduction about your topic, the issue/writing, or film at hand. Be careful not to spoil your essay by throwing all the material in the beginning. Save some mystery for the end.
  4. Now you need to write a literature review by consulting supporting evidence or writings from other scholarly authors. You need to do this to find claims or data that might support your argument.
  5. Now you are to write your essay analysis by making sure it remains well connected with the proceeding elements.
  6. Use in text citations while quoting someone. If you are analyzing a movie, refer to dialogues or scenes.
  7. Do not plagiarize! Paraphrase the content you cannot change otherwise.
  8. Write your conclusion! The conclusion must be written after carefully comparing the introduction and literature review with your findings and analysis. This will also require you to put in some personal opinions or judgments to sum up the results.
  9. Usually analytical essays end up criticizing the subject at hand and the writer is usually expected to recommend possible improvements or strategies. Your recommendations however should be realistic.
  10. Your essays are complete now. You need to finalize it by formatting it. Make sure you get the fonts and page borders right.
  11. Proofs read the essay to look for grammatical mistakes and errors and if possible try to get second opinion before the final submission.
  12. Do not forget to add a cover page with your name and essay topic on it.

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