Looking For Good Topics For Your Definition Essay Off- And Online

Throughout one’s life, new terms and definitions will be added to a person’s vocabulary whether for the short or long term. When it comes to teaching someone else a new term, an essay of a definition, can greatly enhance one’s understand of not only that term, but of similar one’s told throughout the story. As student’s now have access to hundreds of education resources online, good topics for these essays can come from both online and offline resources. In order to find good topics for a definition essay, students should check:

  • The Library
  • A Historical Society
  • Books and Magazines
  • Search Engines
  • Educational Websites

The Library

Found in most city centers, libraries used to be and still are one of the prime resource centers for everyone’s educational needs. Hallways are filled with row after row of biographies, novels, autobiographies, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, encyclopedias and more. If a student is looking for a new definition, they can simply flip any of the pages of these books or the library’s hundreds of dictionaries and find something new and exotic. This allows a student to then scour the thousands of texts looking for ways to describe this new word for their friends and families to hear.

A Historical Society

Many words although still applicable are no longer common place in society, whether they have been labeled as inappropriate or through societal growth, they have just become outdated. A historical society is a great place to learn about terms of the past as a way to get a new perspective on an old tale.

Books and Magazines

The most useful way for a student to find a new word is simply by reading a book or magazine and underlining this new term to look up later. If a student cannot find the definition of the word through context clues, they can write it down and find it later in a dictionary.

Search Engines

Simply typing in, word of the day, into a search engine online can auto populate thousands of words that a student may not know. This also allows the student to expand their vocabulary that they will someday have to use when taking the SAT or writing a college application essay.

Educational Websites

Websites that are provided by teachers or simply have a .gov link can host new terms for the young mind at only a mouse click away. These new terms can serve as a way for a student to write their essay through describing just how they stumbled on the word or using it in association with something they do in their daily lives.

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