What Is The Difference Between An Expository And Descriptive Essay

Expository and descriptive essays share a lot in common, but at the same time these are two essays that are so different from one another. There are specific things that you are expected to do in an expository paper that you would fail if you did with a descriptive paper. Most students hardly ever know this, and they proceed with any paper based on the topic that they have been given, in the process ignoring everything else that they should pay attention to. When this happens, there is nothing more that you can expect other than to fail. Let’s take a moment and look into either of these types of papers.

Expository essay

An expository paper is more or less like an expose. It is supposed to be the kind of paper where you go on a fact finding mission. You are presented with a subject or a question and then you go on to find out whether or not the statement holds. You are supposed to find useful resources that will help you ascertain the truth of the matter. This is why experts consider it an expose kind of paper.

On this kind of paper, you do not necessarily need to know anything about what you have been asked to, hence the need for you to do some serious research to ascertain the details needed to support or argue against the subject of the paper.

Descriptive essay

On this paper, you are supposed to write about what you know, what you see. It is all about describing something. You may be asked to describe your school, an individual, an event or any other subject that you are familiar with. In contrast to the expository kind, you will in most cases have an idea or have some relationship with the subject that you are writing about.

Since the subject will in most cases be something that you have some experience with, there is a good chance that the marks for this paper will not often be awarded easily. In the learning environment, the easier a subject is, the harder it is for the teachers to award easy marks. In contrast, the expository paper carries lots of easy marks, perhaps in recognition of the fact that you will have to go out of your way to get it done, find information and research deeper.

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