Learning The Basics Of The Essay Writing Format

Novels can be very forgiving in their format. Some authors dive right into the heat of the action and others gently introduce their characters and make sure you care for them like family members before they allow the plot to truly progress. Academic writing takes a different route especially in the compilation of an essay. In almost every case an essay is made up of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Here is how you format them.


At the start of the essay you have the chance to ‘introduce’ your point of view or the direction in which the rest of the essay will go. It should not be long winded and in general a single paragraph of about five sentences will do the trick nicely. Good introductions tend to draw the reader in and make him or her wonder what will come next or how the writer will address the points that come later in the body of the essay.


The body of an essay is its meat. This is where the writer expands on the points or the stance that was stated in the introduction. As much as the introduction supports the body, a body is worthless unless it contains enough details and evidence to stand on its own. Evidence can be in the form of quotes or researched data. This will vary from essay to essay as will the length of the body itself. Some essays are very long and most of this length is held in the body. In general a body should not take up less than two paragraphs but the writer must know the perfect length for any specific essay.


While an introduction paves the way for the rest of the essay, the conclusion concludes or wraps up any points and states what the writer thinks can be drawn from them. While the heavy lifting will already have been completed by this part of the essay, it is not an invitation for the writer to slack off. The conclusion should be succinct but powerful and take up a single paragraph. Furthermore no new topics should be addressed at the end of an essay. If you have forgotten to mention something give it its own paragraph in the body or let it remain omitted.

Essay writing is quite simple and even a joy under the right circumstances. Make use of this simple format and you may learn to love it yourself.

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