Tried And Tested Techniques To Write A Good Informational Essay Outline

When you are tasked with writing an informational essay, one of the best ways to ensure your paper is high quality is to use an outline. The outline is an important component to writing, one that is often overlooked by students. And yet, with a great outline, you can write a great first draft with ease.

Before you can write the outline, you have to gather your research materials. If you have the appropriate research, with the notes, bibliographic information, etc… then you can work with the order of your notes to find an organization that best fits your informational essay requirements.

As you start to write the outline bear in mind that you can opt to use full sentences or just short bullet points. It is entirely up to you what feels most comfortable for your essay.

Writing the Outline

  1. First, determine the order that you want for your supporting evidence. Make sure that the order of your paper supports your larger purpose. You want an order that is most effective. For many students, this means your strongest pieces of evidence are listed first. No matter the order you choose, you want the pieces of evidence to flow from one to another.
  2. Now you need to identify your main categories or main ideas. You should examine your bigger purpose, thesis, and the supporting evidence you have located. Then break down your larger topic into smaller, logical categories. These can form the first level of the outline. Traditionally, the first level of the outline is broken down or labeled via Roman numerals. When you write your essay, you should then devote one paragraph for each category. So, if you have three Roman numerals in this level of the outline, you will want three paragraphs, one for each.
  3. Try and think of two points for every one of your categories. Select the sub points based on the purpose of the essay and list any supporting materials you have. You often lift these as the second level of the outline, using upper case English letters.
  4. Expound upon any sub points if needed. If you have to maximize the logic in your essay, and then place a third level within the outline, traditionally labeled with numbers. You can always incorporate another deeper layer with lowercase Roman numbers or lowercase letters.

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