A list of interesting research essay topics for high school students

Research essays involve a lot of hard work and attention at the student’s end. They need to be very carefully composed and must include valid data. If you need to write a research essay in school, the first thing you will need is a good topic.

Here are a few topics that you might find helpful for your research paper in high school. Remember that not all these topics may be the ideal choice for you. You need to be careful while choosing a topic because the entire research paper will depend on it. You can take these topics for an idea or to inspire own ideas. You can even use them reverse or break them for your preferences.

  1. How to make a volcanic eruption project for DIY science projects
  2. What is the relationship between unemployment and rising crime rates in the Eastern Europe?
  3. If there is no perfect competition in this world, then why do we study a model of perfect competition? Where to find the best relevant example for perfect competition
  4. Why do Hollywood celebrities receive pays for one commercial as much as a normal wage earner will not make throughout his life?
  5. Water is life, what evidence and real life examples can prove this statement?
  6. What is the ideal way to save money? Why do people work all their life and have no savings at the end
  7. Is it possible to introduce investment free bank systems on a global level? What effects will it have on the global economy
  8. What is the ideal sleep tenure? Can sleep patterns effect productivity and work life?
  9. Why is it justified to drink caffeine and not smoke cigarettes when both are equally addictive?
  10. This year for the first time in history, more people will die of obesity than of starvation in the USA. What are the causes and consequences
  11. Can colors affect the moods of a person? Why do pregnant women feel more attracted towards colors?
  12. Are pregnancy cravings real or is it just in the minds of the women?
  13. How would it be like if men were the ones to give birth and bear a baby? Will it change our social values and economic structures?
  14. Why in less developed economies male domination is a strong factor?
  15. What are the five developmental stages by Freud and how do they affect our long-term life?

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