Love Portrayed As A Contemporary Monster

“Love” is a simple letter word yet a very complicated thing to define. Well, there is a lot that we can say about love. However, its portrayal as a modern monster has produced a worrying trend. It is very disheartening to live a life of uncertainties especially on the subject of love. There are usually a lot of sacrifices on love and once betrayed, it hurts more than just what we initially thought. It is unfortunate that what was supposed to produce a positive impact end up producing worse consequences than evil itself. It is the greatest mockery of modern times. All reality and morality sense has been lost in the name of love. Reality TV shows have contained in them very horrifying trends yet a true reflection of our society in terms the effects that have been produce through love.

In the subject of love, there are two things involved: love’s positive reception and a failed promise of love. One of the important pieces of literature demonstrating this subject is in Frankenstein as written by Mary Shelley. There is a monster character that we can relate with in this day’s life of love. From the start, the monster was rejected by all the people he met. He started to realize from the time his “birth” that even where he expected love from his creator could not stand being with him. This was very evident when Frankenstein acknowledged that one hand was stretched out, apparently to detain him but he escaped. After having such an experience, he found out that he too could not wait to see himself. His greatest wish was to find acceptance and love but the moment that his desire was turned down, he purposed to revenge against the creator.

Very many aspects revolve around this matter of love. The devastating approach taken by the issue of love seems to be a lot overwhelming despite its alluring nature. Many people have fallen prey of people they really trusted. It has become very complicated to explain what love is. Maintaining it requires a lot of patience and unconditional support at all times. However, these aspects have continued to lack in the modern age. People have wavered a lot and the issue seems to get out of hand with time. Love can easily be faked and presented in a sheep’s clothing only to realize it was indeed a great monster that did not have any feelings whatsoever – it seeks to own and gratify selfish ends.

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