Organ and Tissue Donation

Many people assume that organ and tissue donation occurs only when someone has passed away and is certified to be an organ or tissue donor, and while this is also a situation in which donation may mostly occur, it is not the only one. When a person donates an organ or tissue to another person, they can most certainly be alive! Organ donation is when a person donates an organ for transplant to another person who is in need of said organ in order to live healthily. Tissue donation is not simply defined as “tissue donation”, as it covers not just skin, but bone and valves as well. Both of these types of donation are not solely for improving a person’s physical wellbeing, as these recipients often need these donations in order to keep their lives.

Organ and tissue donation are extremely important in the medical field, and many patients rely on the kindness of others who choose to donate to stay alive. When considering tissue donation, tissues are usually taken from people who are deceased, but can also be taken from a living person, depending on the type of tissue and the donor themselves. Organ donation is also usually done when the donor has deceased, but there are several organs in which a person may donate while still living. The kidney is the top organ which is donated from a living person, and there are several other organs which a live person may choose to donate.

The liver, lung, and in very few cases, the pancreas may all be donated from living person. It’s important to consult a physician to make sure that you are in the right state of health before the donation to ensure that you will be able to comfortably live without the organs or tissues you donate. It’s stated that in America alone, there is a name added to the transplant list every ten minutes. Not just this, but also that eighteen people, give or take, die each day from not having the access to available organs that they need.

As far as statistics go, it’s important that people look at the numbers for deaths and take into consideration the aid and help they can provide through donation. Not only are there countless people awaiting donation, who some pass away due to not having the accessibility to necessary organs or tissues, but one single donator can save the lives of eight people, as well as provide improvement to forty to fifty people. Donating tissues and organs is a gift passed on to others to improve and continue their lives. Before donating or signing up to be a donor, it’s important to be aware of any medical issues or concerns, as well ensuring that you feel comfortable with the decision.

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