Political Geography

Political geography can be considered in two ways. First of all, it is a part of a general science, called geography. In particular, political geography studies how people around the world organize themselves into the different political groups, according to political philosophy and interests. Second of all, political geography is a real and practical location and cooperation between the different countries and other entities in the world. A piece of explanation of meaning of political geography can be found below.

In fact, political geography studies how countries and other political entities are affected by their geopolitical location and cooperation with other states. Thus, success of every separate country depends on its location and even success of its neighbours.

Political geography studies the following areas of cooperation between the countries and political groups:

  1. How the borders between the countries are created and how they exist;

  2. How the trade is organized and coordinated between the countries;

  3. How natural resources are distributed between the countries, and how this distribution affects political power and influence of every separate country;

  4. The discipline studies distribution of political power and influence between the different states and other political entities.

Of course, political geography like any other discipline has some particular functions. The main function of this study is to provide people with knowledge about allocation of political power and influence between the different countries. The mission of political geography is to find the way how to improve political conditions in the world for the purpose of reaching sustainable development of the whole mankind. Such missions has become extremely important in the modern conditions, when the world is experiencing high degree of political pressure and constant political conflicts. This situation endangers further existence of the whole mankind.

Finally, talking about political geography, it is important to mention such its area as critical political geography. This field of study has been developed recently. The main goal of this discipline is to study and criticize traditional principles and norms of political geography. Such approach is an integral precondition of development of the whole science, since new ideas can be developed only in the way of analyzing and criticizing traditional ones. The world is constantly changing, and it is essential important for political geography to change also in order to reflect the existing conditions in the world’s politics.

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