Propaganda And Children During Hitler Youth

Shaping the nation starts with shaping its children. This was the fact that Hitler understood all too well, and this is why he ended up creating a society that was easily controlled and forged into the image he liked. Had there not been the Hitler Youth, World War II might have never become the huge disaster that it turned out to be.

Children are the future of any nation. Therefore, in order to mold the minds of people into any image, one needs to focus on them. This approach will always be more efficient, as young minds are more flexible. Therefore, it is easier to implant them with ideas that will take root and remain with the person for life, regardless of how unnatural or illogical the ideas might be. Although there will never be 100% compliance, the number of those who simply follow the route mapped out for them would be much larger than of those who try to oppose the mainstream.

Indoctrinating children will also affect adults, as affection for their offspring will make them more receptive of the ideas they may not want to conform to. The fear for the child’s wellbeing in a society ruled by dictatorship and propaganda may keep the parents in line, and therefore reduce the opposition even further. This is one of the key elements that allowed Hitler to succeed in taking over the country in such a short time and almost completely eliminating any and all resistance.

The information that was implanted in children’s heads through the Hitler Youth program affected them, regardless of whether they turned out to be supporters of these ideas in the end or not. When indoctrination is started early enough, the minds subjected to it will inadvertently change. Even when a person understands that the things said to him or her are wrong, they are perceived as the truth. This means that a child who could have become a non-conformist and fought against the propaganda grows up seeing him or herself as being “different” and is always seen as a “traitor” by society. This affects the person’s level of confidence and reduces the number of those who have the inner power to stand up to the majority in order to fight for their beliefs.

Hitler Youth was the key to Hitler’s success, as this organization and its effect on the young created an army of extremely loyal and devoted followers who did not question their leader’s motives and goals. The appeal to children’s inclinations to violence solidified the influence of Hitler by providing his young followers an outlet for their personal frustrations and removing the social and moral inhibitions for abuse.

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