How to Find Good ESL Essay Samples

When searching for essay samples that you can learn and teach from, there are several places you can search. Looking for ESL essay samples can make this search a little more difficult, but it is still possible. When looking for ESL essay samples help can be found on campus, online, and with academic services.


As an ESL student, you likely are familiar with the learning resources available on your campus. These ESL resources will be the best source of help, even when searching for ESL essay samples. Visit your library, writing lab, or on-campus ESL center to ask for assistance. There should be many people available for your assistance, and they even have writing samples on file to teach. These services are familiar with the needed assistance of foreign language students, and will commit to helping you throughout the process. Whether they have the writing samples, or have somewhere they can direct you to, you will surely find help on-campus.


Sometimes the Internet can be the best resource for ESL students on account of the decreased language barrier. ESL students are able to translate websites and also find assistance in the native language. ESL students can find essay samples in both their native language, as well as the language they wish to write in. By comparing these samples, these students will be able to complete work in a second language more easily. Also, ESL student should be able to find services online to assist in the writing process. Some of these services will be free and many will be paid, but they can definitely come in handy when in a bind.

Academic Services

Aside from the help you can find on-campus and the help available online, private academic services can be very useful to ESL students. Generally, the assistance you need for you paper should be available for free, but the case is a little different for ESL students. ESL students can benefit greatly from the paid services of an ESL learning center. These academic services and learning centers will have plenty of writing samples for their students, and will be able to most effectively assist.

ESL students can get overwhelmed by the task of writing in a secondary language. In order to avoid getting overwhelmed or feelings of stress ESL students can consult essay samples. These essay samples can be found in many places, some including on-campus, online and through academic services.

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