7 Great Popular Culture Essay Topics For College Students

If you are tasked with writing an essay, the first step is to pick the perfect topic. In some cases you will be asked to write on a specific idea whereas in other cases you will be asked to pick anything that you find interesting. Picking a topic is not nearly as difficult as many make it out to be. The best topic for your assignment is one which you are passionate about. If you are truly interested in a topic, you will find that writing it is much easier. You will find the research process a more enjoyable process. You will take pride in the argument you are crafting and pay particular attention to the details you are presenting.

You can start brainstorming potential topics as soon as you receive your assignments. The first thing you want to do is write down all of the ideas that you have about your assignment. Look for keywords and what ideas they bring about in your mind. Consider what things you have seen on the Internet, on television shows, on the news, or things that you have read recently in any of those capacities. These might make for perfect topics for you to cover in your next assignment. You can use things that you are familiar with to help you find a topic that you already know a bit about. The more you know about a topic to easier it will be for you to write something that is fantastic.

The more you know about your topic the better off you will be as well. Having information on your topic ahead of time gives you a great benefit in that you are able to reduce the amount of research you have to conduct for the paper.

Consider the following:

  1. Write about how music choices dictate who people associate with
  2. Write about why people value counterculture for no reason other than being involved in counter culture
  3. Write about what popular cultures create a little brother effect
  4. Write about what the best popular culture is
  5. Write about how social media influences what movies people see and with whom
  6. Write about how the internet has influenced pop culture and how it has changed it for better or for worse
  7. Write about whether pop culture artists are ethically responsible for what they produce and the way that their work influences their fans

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