A List Of Compare And Contrast Essay Topic Ideas

Compare and contrast essays are the hot favorite type in academic writing. They give teachers some good scope and capacity to evaluate a student on the basis of different factors. The students on their side also have the option to impress their supervisor by showing their versatility and the extraordinary writing skills. Beside the information related to facts and figures, the creative touch should also be given to such type of writing. Your selection of words, sentence structure, balancing the sections and the overall structure of your paper are critically evaluated. So, make sure that you are well aware about all the things related with such writing. If you are given the option to select the topic on your own, then make sure that it is a broad topic which has good scope for research. You must have enough points and rough structure should be prepared in your mind before you finalize a certain topic. Moreover, the students are advised to choose a topic about which they have some basic information and which falls well within their comfort zone of writing.

A list of compare and contrast essay topic ideas:

The following is a list of some useful topics for compare and contrast type of essays:

  1. What is your idea about different religions?
  2. How would you compare and contrast the weather of eastern countries with western countries?
  3. How is Halloween night different from prom night in terms of fun?
  4. Chocolates or desserts?
  5. NGOs VS Government in relief work
  6. The comparison of 20th century with 21st century.
  7. Which is better – Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck character?
  8. What would you prefer between stage drama and movies?
  9. Is coffee a good idea in the morning or tea?
  10. The music of today in comparison with the music of 70s.
  11. Which is more influential? Social or the Print Media
  12. The difference in life between celebrities and non celebrities?
  13. How would you compare war with peace time?
  14. Watching a movie in the cinema or at home? Take your pick.
  15. Is bike a more exciting ride or a car?
  16. Modern Vs vintage cars
  17. The difference in culture between East and West
  18. Is summer a good season to enjoy or winter?
  19. Video games Vs Card games?
  20. Video Games or outdoor sports?

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