4 Suggestions On How To Write A Good Compare And Contrast Essay

Writing a compare and contrast essay is one of the most difficult things you will come across. The difficulty lies in the complex way you will have to bring out your own opinion. Writing one is a liberating and frustrating experience at the same time. On one hand you will want to express yourself but on the other hand you will have no way of saying why a specific point is more relevant than the other.

Here are four suggestions on how to write one:

  1. The first part is determining how you wish to bring the two subjects together. There are various ways of doing it and you will have to select based on the type of things you wish to compare and contrast. The easiest way would be to compare them in the common grounds they belong. This way you get a great detail in explaining the common connection then you slowly highlight how the two are different from each other. This approach is good is there are subtle differences between the subjects and also if there are more inherent similarities between the two.
  2. The second step would be to head-on collision of the two topics and bluntly point out the major differences between the two. This is okay if there are great many differences and only a single but very important factor connecting them.
  3. A finer way of writing such essay is by juxtaposing the facts against each other and pointing out how the two are different from each other. You write a property or character of one subject then immediately point out how the other subject has a character or property very different from the first.
  4. The most common form of writing these essays is through the narrative approach. You point out the properties of the subjects and let the reader find out the difference. Of course the differences have to be there but instead of making it in the face you have to try and blend it in the format of a story. A very useful way and the one which requires some writing skills. You will have to make differences subtle yet easily felt when the reader reads the paragraph. But it also has less chances of error.

In any of the ways you write, you will have to say why the points you have mentioned are significant and what is the relevance of bringing out these points.

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