Role of President in America

The presidential position in America was established under the revolutionary laws, Articles of Confederation, during and shortly after the revolutionary battle. At first, the presidential position was referred to as the chief office that presided over the congress. The first person to occupy the position was the late George Washington.

Presidential roles vary with every new inauguration, either for the good or for the worse. American presidents like George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, Bill Clinton and John Kennedy changed the roles of American president greatly.

As a president of the United States of America, which many people would refer as the free world, has got several key roles to play. Most of the presidential roles are exclusively conferred to the president by the constitution of the United States while others are part of the presidential office. Some of the roles involve; Commander-In-Chief, Chief Legislator, Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Chief Magistrate, Head Of States, Popular Leader, Party Leader and Foreign Policy Director.

Role of President as Commander-In-Chief

The most important role of the president in the United States of America is the Commander-In-Chief. This implies that all heads of the armed forces should receive orders and report to the president. The president executes this task as a civilian, and therefore has several advisors in matters concerning military to make sure the actions undertaken have the best concern of national protection.

It is very vital for the national security of the country to be aware of the in-charge of the military discussions of the country. The president is the utmost top leader in the United States of America military. As the Commander-In-Chief, the main task of the president is to ensure security of every citizen. The president as the Commander-In-Chief has to appoint the highest national military leader; however, the president cannot do so without the approval of the congress.

Challenges to the Roles of President in America

The role of the United States of America president in the national security has been a matter of debate in American politics since the constitutional convention until today. Almost every president of the United States of America has struggled to deal with this matter as well as separating the power of constitutions between the executive and congress.

The congress and the president share powers of developing war, foreign policy, treat making and the power to appoint desired leaders into specific offices. Although many people do not like it, the sharing of powers is aimed to ensure the security of the country through grass root system of balance and check.

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