How To Find An Example Of A Five Paragraph Essay

The professor dictates how assignments are turned in for their classroom. They might request that all essays a student turns in are the minimal five paragraph format. At the very least, the student is looking for a more specific way to make their point through their essay by breaking down that point to five paragraphs.

At a glance, five paragraphs is information overload for someone who is new to essay writing and unnecessary. But once the student find examples of these kinds of essays, they will see that it's more common than they thought. Here, we can look at ways to find examples of where those five paragraph essays are.

Looking For Essay Examples

Because there isn't a wrong or right way to write an essay, beyond the standard three paragraph one, it would be a bit difficult to go to a direct source or at least know of one where these types of essays are found. Some straightforward and even obvious ways are:

  • Internet
  • Published essays
  • Writing guides
  • Debate essays

Looking at the obvious places such as online or published essays in libraries is pretty simple when the student knows what to look for. Writing guides are more direct in the format and provide plenty of specific examples.

Look For Simplicity

Essays with arguments – ones that are looking to make a point – are also great examples of the five paragraph essay, for the simple fact that they tend to break their topics down, each with its own point to make, which eventually becomes at least five paragraphs.

That is not to say that these essays are simplistic and child's play; in all essays it's good to center it around the main points. Other obscure ones are usually extended from one of the basic points already made. But breaking those down even further tends to dilute the argument and weaken the point of view. The more basic debate essays are at the very least, in the five paragraph format. Because it's harder to make a point with less than five.

The Hidden Example

As mentioned earlier, students may not be used to five-paragraph essays but what the student needs to understand is that their standard three paragraphs has always been the body of a imaginary 5 paragraph essay. All they need is to add a beginning and closing paragraph.

If the student recognizes this fact, they will have no problem visualizing the example every time.

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