Why Did America Experience Civil War

There is a lot debated by historians about the origin of the civil war in America and the reasons that led to the civil war. The Southern part of America was agrarian predominantly whereas the Northern developed quite fast and ushered in industrialization. This played a big role in the change of ideologies and the differences in ideologies between the Northern and Southern America. There was a difference in both political and cultural ideologies that caused a lift. This was followed by frequent conflicts between the Northern and the Southern. Disagreements were majorly on issues of development and improvements, tariffs and taxes. The Northern part became antislavery whereas the Southern remained very strong and in support of slavery. This was the primary cause of the civil war that was experienced in America. The civil war in America led to massive deaths and property destruction for the states and the citizens.

Slavery and Civil War Experience in America

The southern part that was agrarian needed the slaves in order to have them performing tasks and duties in their large plantations. They considered slavery very important due to such benefits. The Northern was getting industrialized. This led to the abolishment of the slave trade in the north. Those who were formally treated as slaves were hired at free will to work and thus received payment and compensation for their labor. Slavery is the primary factor that led to disintegration of the United States Union. Due to the difference of the Southern and the Northern, there was civil war in America. The Northern was struggling to maintain and strengthen the union; the Southern was in the struggle fighting for their independence so as to make it easier implement their ideologies.

State versus Federal Rights and Civil War in America

The United States union was further weakened by the fight for rights in decision making for states and federal governments. There was the power struggle between the two. The issue of slavery between the Northern and the Southern was an issue of debate. Arguments on whether it was the federal government that was supposed to ban slavery or if the individual state governments should have had the power to make such decisions, brought about more disagreements. This struggle led to weakening of the union as more problems seemed to arise. This therefore became one of the reasons why America experienced civil war and also intensified the war.

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