How To Write A Strong Conclusion For A Literary Essay On The Kite Runner

A conclusion is an important part of your assignment because it brings the reader to see an extract of the work you have done so far. The introduction and conclusion act as a frame around the body of your paper and they should be completely synchronized. The purpose of the conclusion is to summarize and synthesize your paper in a way that the readers see the larger significance of your thesis statement and develop a clear understanding of your topic.

If you are to write a conclusion for your literary essay on the Kite runner then you need to be careful and stay to the point. It is important to maintain the theme you started with in your paper. The conclusion should not leave any confusion or doubt in the mind of your reader but it should help them feel glad that they ready your paper and learned something important. To be able to compose an effective conclusion, you should keep the following ideas in your mind

  1. Restate your thesis statement
  2. Your conclusion is a place where you assure your readers that you were successful in proving your point and that your thesis statement was true. You need to restate your thesis statement in different words while keeping the same meaning. Tell your readers how you were successful in proving your point and why were it necessary to do so

  3. Show what is in it for the readers
  4. When a reader completes reading your paper, he should have an impression that it was a good value of his time and energy. You should explain why people should care about what you have written in your paper. When writing a literature review of the kite runner, you should explain what is in it for the reader and what would they get out of knowing this information

  5. Return to the theme where you started
  6. Another approach to conclude your assignments is to get back to where you started and follow the same theme. If you started your paper with a certain quote or scenario, you can link your conclusion back to it to complete the circle

  7. Do not contradict yourself
  8. Never contradict yourself in your conclusion because this will create confusion for your readers

  9. Leave a thought provoking message
  10. Show the larger significance of your paper

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